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Do you ever wonder...

  • Why clients have persistent aches & pains which don't go away?
  • Why some people cannot do compound lifts and cannot feel the targeted muscles?
  • How to earn more money when your income is limited by the amount of hours worked?
  • What your business will be like in 5 to 10 years time???

Would You Like To?

Master Your Craft

Fall in love with your career by learning how to apply highly effective concepts to your sessions.

Get More Referrals

Max out your diary by creating a reputable service renowned for excellence.

Grow Your Business

Learn how to increase the quality of your results enabling you to charge higher fees.



Do You Want To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

Biomechanics Foundation Course

Introduction to Biomechanics & Functional Anatomy

Module 1

Movement Theory & Gait



Module 2

Breathing & Functional Anatomy



Module 3

Exercise Mechanics & Case Studies



How APX can help you...


"After applying what the APX principles have taught me I was shocked at how quickly I could get a positive resultNot only did I manage to fix the problem, I understood why.  Now, I feel I have the knowledge to help many others in the future.

Anthony Davies

"My confidence in screening clients, movement theory and writing programmes has dramatically improved. I don’t just understand what to do, but why I need to make adjustments and how they work.

- Dominika Luckova

"My services to my clients have improved no end. It has given me a new stream of referrals and during initial consultations and assessments I can provide a higher service that has led to a far greater conversion rate.

Jimi Brown

APX Founder

Chris Knott is a registered Osteopath and Personal Trainer with over 14 years of gym floor experience. He specialises in functional anatomy as well as exercise design for rehabilitation.

Chris currently runs two rehabilitation clinics in the north west of England. He runs his personal training business in conjunction with this and has married the fields of soft tissue therapy and exercise rehab. 

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